5 Reasons Why You Should Read Comic The Girl from Random Chatting!

Do you know what random chat is? As the name implies, Random Chatting is an intermediary for someone to be able to chat with anyone randomly, without knowing who you are chatting with, which person, personality, and so on. Random Chatting itself is in the form of an application, but currently no one has an Indonesian Server.

However, that does not mean that random chat does not have intermediaries in Indonesia. As far as I know, there is a Random Chat in Indonesia in the form of a bot on telegram. The feature is the same as RanChat in the application, which brings you to meet random people in telegram conversations. The name of the bot is Anonymous Chat (@chatbot). This was viral on social media a while ago, and the group itself already has more than 200 thousand members. But here I won't talk about it, but the manhwa with the theme (hehe). 

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Webtoon TGFRC

Real School Life

The story of school life in TGFRC is very similar to real school life. Fights, romance, breakthroughs, punishments, harassment, and everything you may have ever felt are in this TGFRC story. Especially if you are a "naughty" person during school hours. Maybe you will feel very nostalgic.

But keep in mind that this is a comic, aka a fiction story. So maybe the impression is a bit exaggerated.

The Dark Side of Playing RanChat

The main character, Joonwoo is the person who plays RanChat as an escape from his school life. He feels happy when chatting with strangers on RanChat. But every human being is different. Even though it looks good on RanChat, it's not in reality. By playing RanChat, you should understand not to go out of bounds. Opening one's own identity and inviting meeting in the real world is a fatal mistake. You know, there are lots of "bitches" out there!

Full of love Drama's

Junu is an anti-social person and only has one friend. This is because he is bullied by superior figures in his class, so he looks pathetic and is shunned by others. Junu escaped by playing RanChat. One time he was very comfortable chatting with someone from RanChat. Due to a certain incident, he realized that the person he was chatting with on RanChat was his own classmate (Seung ah). That's when he fell in love and decided to help with all his problems.

Junu has a character that is too kind to the people around him. That is what causes his life to be full of problems. He thought too much of others, to be willing to help him without being asked, even the people he was helping didn't know that Junu was helping him.

Lessons to be learned

At TGFRC, every problem often occurs in real-world students. Seizing a lover that is useless, bullying for no apparent reason, quarrels with certain groups of students, and so on. The characters in TGFRC usually exist in the real world. You can understand their nature and certain reasons why they have this nature.

The main character who is annoying

Junu is an MC figure who makes it really fun. You can feel sorry for him at the same time annoyed him. He often creates problems that he doesn't even realize. It made life not smooth sailing. But behind that, he started to grow and try to be even better. You will start to feel the changes in it, so you are interested in continuing to read.


How? Are the five reasons above able to make you interested in reading? Oh yes, maybe you are also interested in reading the full review and some spoilers, please check the following article!

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